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when u and a friend ship each other’s notps


roesart said: Hey there cutie patootie Fred bro!

Oh why hello there, Lon’cute! <3

dinelajb13 said: whats your favorite spanish word?


querencia (n. Spanish)


a place where one feels safe,


a place from which one’s strength of character is drawn,


a place where one feels at home;


the place where you are your most authentic self" ― John Jeremiah Sullivan


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Ladies and Gentlemen, Bow Before Your Pun Monarchs

[3/3/14 2:01:18 AM] Jack: Perfrederick

[3/3/14 2:01:34 AM] Me: you’ve been saving that one, haven’t you.

[3/3/14 2:01:42 AM] Jack: yes, of course

[3/3/14 2:02:07 AM] Me: owain’t you clever

[3/3/14 2:03:02 AM] Jack: I am, but don’t fred over it

[3/3/14 2:03:56 AM] Me: I’m only fredding over the weather. We’re supposed to get 6 inches of snow but it’s only owaining

[3/3/14 2:05:07 AM] Jack: well, it’s not like the weather owains you anything

[3/3/14 2:05:33 AM] Me: yeah, but if it snows and I go in, I get paid ofredtime

[3/3/14 2:08:16 AM] Jack: but owhein does that “snow” start?

[3/3/14 2:26:05 AM] Me: No one knows; it’s supposed to snow “intermittently” for the next day and a half. Fredickulous, if you ask me.

[3/3/14 2:30:08 AM] Jack: owainren’t kidding when you told me that

[3/3/14 2:34:11 AM] Me: ahhh but overtime ahhhh. Maybe by the end of tomorrow I will be fredeRICA

[3/3/14 2:35:43 AM] Jack: remember to Frend off potential thieves taking advantage of the snow season, though

[3/3/14 2:37:05 AM] Me: Snow burglars! How antiquated and quowaint

[3/3/14 2:37:51 AM] Jack: some people owaight to re-evaluate their morals

[3/3/14 2:38:28 AM] Me: Yes, before they commit serious offredses to others

[3/3/14 2:38:56 AM] Jack: Fored serious!

[3/3/14 2:40:06 AM] Me: can I copy-paste this to tumblr

[3/3/14 2:40:22 AM] Jack: ofredcourse

[3/3/14 2:43:28 AM] Me: myrmidanke

[3/3/14 2:44:23 AM] Jack: this was a good knight for puns

[3/3/14 2:45:30 AM] Me: You’re quite handy with them

That’s it, you’re adopted. Any nephew of Chrom’s is a nephew of mine.


William Faulkner’s tip on reading William Faulkner.

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it’s been a trying past few days