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When you need to RP FE7 or you’ll die except nobody remembers FE7


Pegasus summer camp BFFs! 

Sumia’s phone is her most valuable possession; she has over 100 fanfics bookmarked and even more e-books saved on it. She’s also subscribed to at least three daily horoscope services. 

Cordelia always wears an oversized scarf no matter the weather to hide her chest. 

I found Cordelia’s in-game outfit sort of bland so sorry to Cordelia fans for this lackluster design

FMU - Lon’qu - Henry - Lissa - Maribelle - Miriel - Sumia - Cordelia 


big nerd fretting over smaller but also very important nerd





Odd Romeo and Juliet Tumblr Posts

I’m so glad I’m procrastinating going to bed because if I had gone to bed I wouldn’t be crying laughing at this.

My brother works at Dunkin and his girlfriend works at Tim Hortons and when I found out I said “TWO HOUSEHOLDS BOTH ALIKE IN DIGNITY” and my brother was the only one who knew what I was talking about. Never have I been so proud.

Shakespeare is always an appropriate response.



*incredulous voice* mERRY CHRISTMAS????? WHAT ABOUT PIPPIN CHRISTMAS?????  

Okay argetcross I did the thing.


1. Always post the rules 

2. Answer the questions and write 11 more 

3. Tag 11 people  

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5. Tell the person who tagged you that you’ve done it :)

1. How do you reward yourself after a job well done?

I, um. I have a really tough time with that. Usually after my Job Well Done there is another Really Big Job to do, or I put one there immediately, so I’m kind of just in a constant state of doing stuff. But I excuse all the sweets I eat as rewards for all the stuff I do. Although sometimes…I get a sweet reward just for being me >_>. I’m basically the worst.

2. What do you like best about your favorite person ever?

Impossible because so many people are my favorite person ever. What most of these people have in common, though, is enthusiasm and the willingness to try any crazy new idea or adventures. 

3. If you had to wear one era’s fashion for the rest of your life, which era?

TODAY’S. FEMININE JAPANESE (rural, not urban, because Tokyo fashion is cray). Although it’s all actually really like 1940s American and 1980s French, so…those. Whatever gets me frills and pleated skirts and buttons. 

4. How do you show affection?

Typing in all caps. Being really sarcastic with you. Making you food. 

5. What genre of media do you enjoy the most?

Do you mean types of media or all genres spanning all types of media? (Because if the latter, wow.) The former is video games, the latter is satire.

6. What are your opinions on silence?

There is a time and a place. While reading a book or writing or sleeping are some of those times and places. THE MIDDLE OF ENGLISH CLASS IS NOT, NOTE TO STUDENTS. 

7. Favorite instrument/tool to interact with an environment?

I…what? ARGET DID YOU TRY TO MAKE THESE AS BROAD AS POSSIBLE ON PURPOSE. Let’s use the fairy princess Star Wand to interact with the environment of Super Smash Brothers, because as soon as I get it I cannot be defeated. 

8. Given a hundred dollars, how would you spend it?

On 100 melonpan, who are we kidding here. (Okay. Maybe some more Japanese clothes and then all the rest would go toward melonpan.) 

9. Your favorite guilty pleasure?


10. What would your parent cook for you when you’re feeling homesick?

My parents didn’t cook often and I’ve never had a permanent home to be sick for. Lately, when I miss America, I make my own sauces for pastas.  

11. What are you most proud of doing/making/accomplishing?

Winning the state fencing cup (twice, eheheh). I worked so hard for it, and won by the skin of my teeth in a couple of really dire bouts against fencers I was sure I’d never beat. Pushed my body to its absolute limit. Was gifted with chocolate cake by a proud teammate. 

My questions:
1) If you could immediately achieve fluency in any one language, which would it be?
2) Was there anything you considered studying in college (or WERE studying) before you switched to your current major/degree? (Young-uns, what do you want to study, I guess.)
4) Who influenced your life the most?
5) If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?
6) What is your favourite kind of weather?
7) Socks or no socks. V important.
8) What is the best book (3 books? 3-5 books?) you’ve ever read?
9) If you could live on any planet but earth (safely, with your loved ones and belongings), which one would you choose?
10) If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? (Not what you’d want it to be, but rather what you think would be amplified about you if you got hit with space rocks or bitten by glowing spiders.)
11) In a College Professor AU, what class are you teaching? (And will it cross-reference my syllabus for Geoffrey Chaucer vs Flaming Eagles: Love Poems and Badassery 101.) 

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